Speaker Repairs

Audio Visual Devices repairs a wide range of speaker types for customers in the Redlands and greater Brisbane areas. For hi-fi speakers, please ring first to discuss the issue. Pricing details can be found on the repair rates page.

Active hi-fi subwoofers (with a built-in amplifier) are usually powered 24/7 even though they spend a most of their time in standby mode. Most of the time it is the amplifier module that has failed after being in service for many years. Symptoms include no power, no sound (but power light on), constant hum (even with audio cables disconnected) and ticking noises. We have a good track record of being able to repair them for significantly less than the cost of a new unit.

We also repair studio monitor speakers. If you have a pair of speakers where one of them sounds different to the other, it’s best to bring both in so we can make sure they are matched after repair. Symptoms include no power, no sound (but power light on), low sound level or loss of bass / treble (sounds tinny / muffled).