• AVD repairs many brands of older hi-fi equipment from the 60s’ to the 00s’.  Please note that we generally don’t repair recent models with HDMI, etc.  If in doubt, please call before bringing your equipment in for repair.

    • Akai
    • AWA
    • Cambridge Audio
    • Denon
    • Harman Kardon
    • Jensen
    • JVC
    • Kenwood
    • Leak
    • Luxman
    • Marantz
    • Mitsubishi
    • Marley
    • Monarch
    • NAD
    • National
    • Nivico
    • Panasonic
    • Philips
    • Pioneer
    • Roberts
    • Rotel
    • Sansui
    • Sanyo
    • Sherwood
    • Sony
    • Sharp
    • TEAC
    • Technics
    • Whatmough
    • Yamaha

  • AVD repairs many brands of pro audio equipment including:

    • AKG
    • Allen & Heath
    • AT Professional
    • Audio Telex
    • Auditec
    • Australian Monitor
    • Denon
    • Drawmer
    • Dynacord
    • Electrovoice
    • InterM
    • Jands
    • JBL
    • Jeil
    • Kustom
    • Mackie
    • Marantz
    • Mipro
    • Peavey
    • Pioneer
    • Ramsa
    • TOA
    • Turbosound
    • Yamaha

  • AVD repairs many types of commercial equipment including:

    • Blue Vane – Electronic score boards
    • Computronics – Electronic score boards
    • Airborne Athletics – Dr Dish sports practice machines
    • Electronic Scoreboards Australia (I A Electronics) – Electronic score boards
    • Farmtek – Electronic timing / score boards
    • LED Signs – Electronic score boards
    • LEDGEN – Electronic score boards
    • LEDtronix – Electronic score boards
    • MetroCount – Roadside traffic counters
    • Payne Electronics – Electronic score boards

    We also repair other specialised commercial equipment such as fuel price displays and variable message signs.
    If in doubt, please call us to discuss what we can do for you.

  • We do charge an inspection fee (usually $100) for repairs. This is payable when the equipment is delivered to AVD.

    This inspection fee will be deducted from the final amount if you accept the estimate & proceed with the repair.

    The repair inspection process involves disassembly, obtaining service information, performing tests, looking up parts, etc. This all takes time but allows us to give you a more accurate estimate on the total repair cost.

    If you just want to know if an item is likely to be worth fixing, please call us with the details and we may be able to give a rough indication based of your description of the fault. Please note that it is not possible to give an accurate estimate this way.

    Our current rates (including GST) are:

    • Workshop labour – $100 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)
    • On-site labour – $100 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)
    • Travel time – $100 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)

  • The turnaround time for repairs depends on a number of factors including our current workload and parts availability. In general, we try to look at all service jobs within a few days of receiving them.

    After we do the initial inspection, we will contact you with an estimate. Once accepted, completion of the repair will usually be within a week, but may be longer if the parts required are not available in Australia.

    We try to keep customers “in the loop” about possible delays at all times.

  • AVD offers a callout service in the greater Brisbane area for PA systems, electronic scoreboards, etc. For this service, we charge travelling time plus an hourly rate whilst on-site.

    Please note that it is often not practical to repair some types of equipment on-site. In this case, we may have to bring the item(s) back to AVD for bench repair and re-install once completed. Bringing your items to us will help keep the cost of the repairs to a minimum.