Tone generator (4 way)


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The CH6-XLRMICOUT is our new tone module fitted into a compact plastic box. (only 83x54x30mm)

It can be used as a stand alone unit on any brand and model amplifier or mixer. A 5 way terminal block gives access to the module’s 4 tones.

All you need is a clean contact closure to activate the tones. The audio output is unbalanced mic level on a male XLR plug with a screwdriver adjustable level pot inside on the board. The CH6-XLRMICOUT is powered by a 12Vac 500mA (supplied) plugpack.

    The CH6-XLRMICOUT is pre progammed with:

  • Tigger 1; Acending 4 Note Chime
  • Tigger 2; Bell Tone Medium
  • Tigger 3; Alert Alarm (AS2220)
  • Tigger 4; Evacuation Alarm (AS2220)

See the CH6 for a complete list of available sounds.

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Weight 0.3600 kg