Zone switcher 100V 16 zones


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The Zoner 16 control unit connects to either one amplifier for paging only, or two amplifiers for both paging and background music distribution. It switches to 100V line output(s) independently to up to 16 speaker zones.

When a zone is paged from the remote paging mic, that output zone (speaker load) is simply connected to the amplifier so that it receives signal. Any combination of zones (including All Call) can be paged via the remote mic (which connects to the Zoner 16 via CAT 5). Of course, you need to ensure that the power amplifier has the capacity to support the full speaker load (for All Call pages).

In twin amplifier mode, background music can be switched off to any zone via the 16 buttons on the front panel. So if a zone doesn’t want background music, just switch it off and paging will still come through.

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