Stereo zone mixer


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    The Australian Monitor ZoneMix3 boasts the following features:

  • 4 stereo program inputs assignable to any or all of 3 stereo zone outputs
  • 2 auxiliary mono program inputs (can be mic or line) that are also assignable to any or all output zones
  • Multiple level of priority of program over program
  • Variable ducking release times – great for jukebox applications when a long release time is required
  • Remote or local control over the program and level setting for each zone (the ZM3R remote is available for this)
  • Remote paging into all or any combination of zones from the ZM3M paging mic (and this mic has a dedicated input so it does not use up any of your dedicated program or auxiliary inputs)
  • Cat5 cabling for the ZM3M and ZM3R’s – a breeze to install.
  • Comprehensive, multi level control over the trim, level and Eq for every program in to every zone.
  • Removable security covers supplied for each zone output and the input block

The applications for the ZoneMix3 are wide and varied and range from sports bars to restaurants, discos, clubs and so on.

In fact, anywhere where the music if foreground and complete flexibility is required.

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