MP3 Player With Time Clock


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The MP410T features MP3 based message playback and an internal time clock. With it’s 14 trigger times, this unit is ideal for use in schools to signal class/lunch times and factories to announce start, break and finish times.

  • MP3 sounds stored on SD card (supplied) for easy file transfer.
  • Six trigger inputs on plug in terminal block.
  • Balanced line/mic (jumper selectable) output on plug in terminal block.
  • Relay output that is actived when a sound is playing.
  • 24VDC powered (plugpack included).
  • Comes standard with AS2220 alert and evac sounds and a bell sound. Your own MP3 sound can be loaded for lockdown signal or other purpose, and the alert, evac and bell sounds can also be replaced with different sounds.
  • The internal timer is routed to trigger 6 (bell sound).
  • Standard MP410 is pictured.

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